Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a bongolong Christmas (2003/2004)

I love Christmas music and the more interesting (or weirder) the better!! It was always a dream of mine to record my own Christmas music, taking those familiar melodies and giving them my own special twist.

So… here are some Christmas songs presented by bongolong. 98.7% of the instruments played by bongolong, 100% recorded, mixed and produced by bongolong at studio-b (aka, the garage) in Silverado Canyon, California.
Recorded/edited with Tascam Porta-One to Cool Edit 2000 (for 2003 tunes) and Cakewalk Music Creator 2003 to Adobe Audition 2.0 (for 2004 tunes) here is my offering, a Christmas gift from bongolong!

It may not last as long as a fruitcake, but it sure tastes better!

Download from MediaFire (173mb) a bongolong Christmas
Download from Internet Archives (173mb) a bongolong Christmas

Stream the album:


PTIHCN said...

Top notch. I come here every year and love it. I've been making holiday mixes for a while. Let me know what you think if you have time. Thanks for the music and happy holidays.



r. maccready

Roy said...

Hi. I'm Web Editor for 88.1 KDHX, our independent, community radio station in St. Louis. Like you, we love holiday music, so we put together a sampler of St. Louis bands (plus two national artists) performing original and traditional holiday tunes -- all live in our studios.


KDHXmas 2011 is streaming for free (with some songs downloadable) via SoundCloud.

These songs and performances are previously unreleased and not available elsewhere, so we thought you might enjoy checking them out and sharing with your readers. There's a little something for everyone: pop, rock, soul, blues and even polka.

Thanks for spreading the word about great Christmas music, and happy holidays from KDHX.


Spabelo said...

Wow, I've been listening more and more to this Christmas album for a few years now. You are, by now, deeply embedded in my holiday tradition.

Thank you again and again!

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